Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Boy Bed

This has been a couple of weeks full of change for our little Will, first giving his binki away to the dentist and now giving his crib "baby bed" to Finn and getting his toddler bed "big boy bed". Finn has been sleeping in our room since he was born, now that he's almost 6 months (where dies the time go) we decided it was time to move Will into a new bed and move Finn into the crib. We have had the best experience. We got the bed last Saturday evening, let Will play on it for a bit during the day then he slept in it that night. He did try and get out of it a couple times but all I had to stay was " if you don't want to sleep in your big boy bed we can put you back in the baby bed" and it worked! I did lay with him for a bit in the bed to make sure he wasn't scared. After laying with him for about one minute he wanted me to lay on the floor beside the bed then he wanted me to leave the room. The next morning TJ got up to take out the dogs and heard a sweet little voice yell form the play room "Binn (Will's name for Finn) crying". Who knows how long Will had been awake playing but he was having a grand old time. Finn has taken to his new bed just as well. He does still wake up for one feeding in the night forcing me to walk up the stairs 1/2 asleep usually at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning but it's nice having our room back. It was easier to move Finn up stairs since I know Will is up there with him. Will is still Binki Free, it'll be two weeks tomorrow!! The secret was letting him think it was his idea to get rid of the binki. I have the pictures from frisbee golf that I forgot to post earlier.

First time sitting in his bed
Finn getting used to his new bed
smiles all around
first night sleeping in his bed, very sad for me, he's growing up
How I usually find him now, the toys get most of the bed
Go daddy
Good job Will


Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have a little compilation of Will and Finn. This is them at the same age, 5 1/2 months. Do they look like brothers? You tell me.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Binki no more.......

Today Will had his first checkup at the dentist. After getting his teeth cleaned, with much coxing from the nice ladies in the office he traded in his binki for a prize! Everyone was clapping including Will. He clapped, yelled and danced around, they even gave him a certificate saying he was Binki Free. As soon as we got in the car he said "Bink?" We kept reminding him all day that he gave it away. When TJ got home Will told him he gave his Bink away and we all danced around giving high fives. It's now 8:20pm, I'm listening to one sad little Will next door in his bed crying for his Bink. It makes me sad, I'm glad he's done with it (it's about time, he's over two years old) but it's been a part of him for as long as I've known him. Maybe it was more of a security for me than for him, I felt like if he had a binki he was still a baby. It took a good scolding for me to realize what I already knew, THE BINKI NEEDED TO GO! Wish us luck on this hopefully short and no doubt painful journey.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You gotta love two things

#1 Tennessee #2 Frisbee Golf

So, today the boys and I headed out to do some errands. Fist stop was Pet Smart, when we got to the dog food isle I noticed our brand of dog food was on sail for 1/2 price with only two bags left (a $47 savings!). Once we checked out the manager walked out with us to help load the two 35lb bags of dog food in the car. He noticed out Illinois license plates and commented on them, I told him we just moved here from Chicago. His reply was like every other Tennessean who finds out we just moved here......."Welcome to Tennessee" he said with a smile. Next we headed to Publix the local grocery store (it took me a while to learn how to say this word, you can only imagine my first pronunciation). While paroozing the produce section an employee gave Will a little banana for munching as we shopped. At the checkout stand we found out there was NO need for a "rewards card" we get the deals of the day simply by stopping in. This is huge to me, one less card to carry in my wallet or hang on my key chain or one less card to forget and have to pay full price. As we headed home and sat at a stop light a nice man in a big truck motioned for me to roll down my window, now if we were in Chicago I would have never rolled my window down for obvious reasons, upon doing he said "mam, your right brake light is out" I said "thank you" with a smile and he said "thank you" with a smile. What a beautiful day! You gotta love Tennessee.

#2 Last Monday we had our hubby/daddy home for the day, it was GREAT! We found a new love....... Frisbee golf. TJ was jogging about a week ago and found a Frisbee gold course. We ordered the necessary equipment for the game (thank you Amazon) and headed to the course. Will had his little Frisbee which some may call a "marker" and we had ours. Finn of course had to hang out in the stroller but I think he enjoyed all the action. This is a game we will play whenever we get the chance. All you families out there with toddlers looking for a family activity this one is perfect, just let the little fellas free to run the fields, with little to no threat of injury, while you play and everyone enjoys the day. You gotta love Frisbee golf. PS: bring snacks and drinks for all, it's actually a pretty good workout.

I had some great action shots of TJ and Will, they are on our other camera which I can't find the cable to download. I'll post later.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

An answered prayer

I write this blog through tears of gratitude to our Heavenly Father. TJ left tonight for a work trip, as he was leaving Will kept saying bye bye, bye bye over and over at the door. I walked outside with Will to watch daddy drive away. Upon returning to the front door I realized we were locked out and our baby Finn was locked in. I ran to the street to try and stop TJ but he was long gone. I checked the door two more times then Will and I knelt down in prayer to our Father in Heaven. I simply asked him to please prompt TJ to come back home. Within a few minutes TJ was pulling in the drive to be greeted by an emotional wife and concerned little boy. It turns out he forgot something that he didn't necessarily need to return home for but decided to come back anyway. As I explained what happened, he asked if I was surprised when I saw his car. I was not at all surprised to see him return home, we were actually waiting for him. Just another testament that God knows each one of us and our situation, he hears our prayers big and small. My faith has been strengthened beyond measure once again.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Day in the life

I love our little family! The best times are when daddy is home and we get to just hang out and play. Last Saturday was one of those days. We tipically wake up on Saturday morning with a full day planned starting out with our green juice before TJ takes off for one of his insane runs (he's running a marathon in about 5 weeks). Once he returns I go for my workout while TJ and the boys take the dogs for a walk. Once I arrive home it's feed Finn and lay both boys down for a nap. That's the "set" Saturday events, once the boys wake up we are free to do as we please. This past Saturday we went on a nature hike around lake Radnor. We love to spend time outside whenever we get the chance. The weather has been so nice here in Nashville we just can't get enough of it. Once we arrived home the boys got a bath then we had build it your self pizza's (thanks to the Burtons for the idea). Another blissful day. I'm starting out the pictures with one of Finn playing, I felt bad not having a picture of him on this post (he was of course in his stroller on the hike so..)

our sweet Finn Harper
Yummy Green juice
Will on the hike

Will and Daddy
Pizza Fixins