Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gun Range

Don't Mess With Texas!

Brother Steve


Texas Visit

We returned home from Texas yesterday, it was a great time hanging out with the family. My little brother's surprise birthday party was on Saturday (which is the reason we headed to Texas) and our family Christmas party was on Sunday. Will was in heaven with all the cousins, cows, tractors and trucks! He stayed up way to late every night and woke up way to early (we're paying for it now). Saturday morning Steve (little brother) took us to a shooting range, there were about 10 guns between both my brothers and my dad. I shot all but one (Steve's new gun kicks way to hard) we had a blast!! More pictures to follow of the Gun range, that requires a post of it's own. We miss yall already!! Oh, it snowed while we were there!!! Can you believe it? We had to go to Texas to get snow.

Uncle Same and Finn
Finn's first present and Will's first one he remembers
Finn on the move

Our Will
Second attempt at a family photo

Cousin Ashley and Finn
Aunt Dawn and Finn
Cousin Sydney and Finn

Can you see the snow?
Grammy and Will
Grammy and the boys

christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree


Grandma and Grandpa Dunham

The week before Thanksgiving TJ's parents Tom and Sandra payed us a visit. We had such a great time hanging out , eating, seeing some sights and playing cards. We hiked to the biggest waterfall east of (something) I can't remember, but it's a big deal around here. We went to mammoth cave (no pictures my battery was dead, oops), played frisbee golf, saw some Civil War sights, walked around down town Nashville (our first time down town and we've lived here since June), viewed Christmas lights at Opry Mills, and had an early Thanksgiving. I hope I'm not leaving anything out, it's been a few weeks and we've been soooooo busy.
Down Town Nashville

PS: TJ was with Finn in the car, Finn was sleeping, so Will and I had to shoot solo.