Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The many faces of Finn

Finn is such a sweet baby, always happy go lucky. I captured a few of the many faces of our Finn.


Friday, October 16, 2009


Will Finn and I went to the YMCA fall festival in Brentwood. We had so much fun despite the steady drizzle and 49 degree temp. I took a few pictures, it was hard to get quality shots while trying to look after two boys. They had train rides, hay rides, pizza, face painting, drinks, all kinds of bouncy things, popcorn....... well you get the idea. TJ had to miss this one, he was running late from a case in Memphis. We missed our daddy!

threw an extra pricture of Finn in (I just noticed this car is a choking hazard!!)


Friday, October 9, 2009

St. George

TJ ran the St. George Marathon last Saturday and finished with an outstanding time of 3 hours and 5 min, looks like we are going to Boston in April!!!! In order to qualify for Boston he had to run it in 3 hours 10 min or under. My husband is such an inspiration for me in so many ways, he continues to amaze me every day. I always say I ride on his coat tails, it's hard to keep up with this guy. He's one who sets goals and always reaches them, I set goals and well, reach for them. We are so so proud of him. TJ's dad and sister also ran the marathon with great times, we are so proud of them as well. All of the hard work paid off and made for a great couple of days for the whole family. We headed to St. George a few days early to meet up with TJ's mom, dad, Sister, her husband and for kids, TJ's brother, his wife and two kids. We went to Zion National park, Snow mountain or snow fall (can't remember) state park, outlet mall, splash park for the kids etc. It was such a great time for our family. The marathon was on Saturday, we left Sunday evening to fly to Chicago. TJ had meetings for work so it was a perfect opportunity for the boys and I to visit friends and soak up some of the city. Unfortunately I forgot to get my camera out of TJ's bag before he headed to the hotel, so I'll have to get pictures from friends and post the Chicago visit later.

Zion Nation Park

Will does not like to take pictures

Will had a blast playing with the rocks in a river running through the park
So did daddy
TJ, his sister and one of the girls
Grandma Dunham and Finn
Go baby go
Still enough energy to goof off!
Almost to the finish Line
Proud Wife and son
Our most recent family photo, Celebrating our hero
Ouchy, look what it took to get that metal.
Sister and dad
Grandpa Dunham
Snow fall (or mountain) state park