Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's been a while

Ok, so it's been a while since I've gotten around to posting a blog or two.  There is no real news to report except that we are so so so so so excited to leave this Thursday the 18th for our Christmas trip.  We hit both families each year, instead of splitting Thanksgiving and Christmas between the two, we celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and see both families for Christmas.  We head to Utah first this year, stay there till the day after Christmas then meet my family in Colorado for a ski trip.   We are getting one big cabin for all four families!!  Steve, my younger brother will not be able to make it with his family, he has to work.  We will miss him.  I know Will is going to have so much fun playing with family and getting out of the condo.  It's been really cold here so we've been stuck inside for the most part.  Last Sunday we found Will sitting in a shoe box with his "man" and dog.  Look real close and you'll see what he thinks of the pamphlet "For the strength of the youth".  Oh dear!   When we were at my parents a few weeks back mom had will helping her with the dishes, it wasn't long before he was in the sink up close and personal with each dish!   I've also posted a pic of the growing belly.

                                    Helping Grammy wash dishes

                                                 27 weeks



Friday, November 7, 2008

Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Halloween and "The baby"

Will, TJ and I took off for Texas Halloween weekend.  TJ flew home on Sunday but Will and I got to stay a few extra days.  Oh, the fun we had!!  My parents live a bit out of town on 5 acres so Will had allot of room to run, play, fish etc.  Will was literally outside from sun up to sun down, he had lots of play mates with grand parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Around those parts Will is know as "the baby", Where's the baby? shhhhhh, the baby's asleep, what does the baby want to eat? etc etc.... I thought it was cute and Will had no idea they were talking about him.  There were allot of firsts... first time to ride on a lawnmower, first time to ride on a tractor, first time in a boat,first time to fish, firs time touching a fish, lizard and frog, first time to trick or treat, first time to kick a foot ball.  Will didn't sleep so well in my mom's pack and play (especially at nap time) so in order to put him to sleep we rode him around on the lawn mower, before he was 1/2 way around the yard he'd be out every time.  Halloween was a blast, we went over to my sisters to celebrate with her kids and take part in there neighborhood festivities which included a hay ride from house to house for trick or treating.  My sister had a back up trailer to pull incase there were to many kids for the other 4 they already had.  It ended up Laura had to use the trailer but didn't have any hay to put on it so technically we didn't go on a hay ride, it was more like.........well, a trailer ride, but fun just the same.  below are quite a few pictures of the time in Texas.  Oh, notice the BIG FISH TJ caught, we were so proud!
                                    Our sweet puppy
                                    Trick or treat!!
                                    Family fun
                                     Will's cousin Kobe 

                                    Grandpa and Will
                                    Grammy and Will taking a ride
                                     TJ's big catch
                                    Grandma O' and Will playing with bobbers 
                                     Who knew bobbers could be so fun?
                                     first time touching a fish, not his favorite thing

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

17 weeks and counting

Well, the time has come.  My belly has just started to pop out and we are so excited!!!  We love the belly bump around our house.  I'm glad I have a husband that loves me pregnant.  The sad thing is, I think he thinks I'm the cutest when I'm pregnant, that could make for allot of kiddos!  I've had several requests for a post of the bump so before we left to workout this morning I took a couple of pictures.  Drum roll please.................

                       Will watching his crazy mama take pictures of her belly.


Hair cut'n time

So, Will had his first haircut!!!!  But, these are pictures of his second.  I forgot to take pictures of his first so I hope #2 will do.  It looks the same as the fist trust me. 

His new "I don't like that" face


Happy Birthday Baby

On September 30th my dear husband turned 31, can you believe it?  I know you can't by looking at him.  We had an early birthday party for him on Sunday since he had to work on the actual day of his birthday.  We invited over 7 couples and there kids.  We just hung out and ate lots and lots.  On TJ's actual birthday I sent him to a Korean spa for a little relaxation.  If you don't know what a Korean spa is well.........let's just say they have body scrubs and crazy massages that are done in the nude!!!  This seemed a little strange to me but thought it was right up TJ's ally as he had been to a similar spa in Turkey.  He said it was a little creepy at times but all and all the message was good.   Oh, the women go to a whole different spa so............not to worry.


Let's swim

Will had his first swimming lesson a couple weeks back.  We are attending with two of our friends and there little girls.  TJ was home for a 1/2 day so he went in the pool with Will.  I was thankful not to have to get this ever growing belly into a bathing suit.  During Will's second lesson he went totally under water twice, not by choice mind you, but he lived through it without any tears. 

TJ was a lone dad hanging with the girls


Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank You

A big thank you to my mom and dad!!!  A few weeks back my parents came to visit, my mom flew in a week early to spend some extra time with Will (she said all of us, but we know the truth).  She had no idea what she was in for, we waited till she got here to tell her I'm pregnant.  Once Will came in with his "I'm a big brother" shirt on I could breath a HUGE sight of much needed relief.  The sick first trimester mama came out in full effect.  No more posting a painful smile on my face while struggling to hold my eyelids open.  Mom was GREAT!  She totally took over, allowing me to sleep when I wanted, lay on the couch when I wanted and I didn't even have to feel guilty about it.  She played with Will, changed Will's diapers, changed Will's cloths, bathed Will, took Will to the park, walked Polly, Fed Will and even picked up after not only Will but all of us.  I felt a little bad because I was no fun at all.  Once my dad arrived I struggled to play games with everyone but let's face it no body wanted me on there team.  The first night my dad graciously accepted me as a partner and the second night TJ was stuck with me.  Whatever team I was on, you guessed it, lost.  The day after my parents left I was almost back to myself, one of two things went on.  #1 I was really never that sick but was taking full advantage of my moms graciousness or #2 I sucked it up and felt better because I had no choice but to take car of our little angle boy.  Any way, prayers were answered in more that one way.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Living the good life

For those of you who don't know what a Love Sac is, let me introduce you.  Well, I'll introduce you to the Kid Sac.  Will loves to watch his baby einstein movies before he goes to bed (or when mama needs a break).  TJ would pile up Pillows to make him a nice comfortable place to lounge.  TJ had the great idea of getting him a Kid Sac (a smaller version of the Love Sac).  It's the same idea as a bean bag but the inside is filled with heavenly foam peaces.  Is Will living the good life or what?  Check out his lounging position.



New baby coming March 24th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  From the looks of this picture, Will's not sure how he feels about it.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tool Bench, sidewalk chalk and nose picking

We have a couple new additions to our home, a work bench and sidewalk chalk.   TJ and I wanted to get Will a work bench for Christmas.  Every time he enters a little girls house with one of those kitchen sets he goes crazy so.............. we thought we would get him the "boy" equivalent.  A friend called the other day saying she saw the work bench at Target on sale so I ran up and grabbed one, and several other things (dang it!).  Who can just buy one thing at Target?  Amongst the other things grabbed was a wagon full of sidewalk chalk.  To an unsuspecting mama this seemed like a good deal since Will played  with some (or should I say ate some) the other day at the park.  I figured if anything else this would make for a couple of cheep meals.  Once I got the bucket O' chalk home, I realized this chalk would be around for a long long time.  If any friends in the area need some side walk chalk head my way, we will gladly share.  Back to the work bench, if you know me you know I had no intention on waiting till Christmas to put that sucker together and give it to Will.  Once home I quickly assembled the bench (in record time I might add), once Will awoke from a long nap he got his Christmas present 5 months early.  oops!  He won't know the difference right?
Last but not least we captured Will's first nose pick!!!  Thought we'd share.  The picture is a little fuzzy, no time to focus for moments like that.  What a cute little boy!!!  That is only one "boyish" thing he has started to do lately.  Those of you who have little boys (or brothers) know what I'm talking about.  It's just a stage right???  We hope!

                                                                   I lost count.

                                                               Who need hands??
                                                              First of many I'm sure.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

beach and sleep

We have been having just the best time this summer.  Will is old enough now to enjoy the outdoors, everything so brand new and exciting for him.  My favorite part of the summer is sitting back and watching Will explore the world.  We took a trip to the beach with some friends, Will is fearless when it comes to water.  He wanted to go as far as he could, I let him go up to his waist (with me holding his hand).  The water in lake Michigan is still a little chilly, venturing in a little further will have to wait for warmer waters.  Once Will gets his sunscreen and swimming trunks on I let him run around the house for a while so the sunscreen can soak in.  Will was in his room playing but I didn't hear a sound, I've come to know this is usually a bad sign.  It means he's doing something he knows he's not supposed to (like dripping the content of his bottle in a nice little pattern on the carpet then smearing it around), so I headed in to asses the damages.  Much to my surprise he was perched on his book basket having quiet time.  It turns out this basket is just the right size for a little seat (picture to follow).  That night Will fell asleep for the first time in his play toy watching his sleepy time movie.