Friday, November 7, 2008

Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Halloween and "The baby"

Will, TJ and I took off for Texas Halloween weekend.  TJ flew home on Sunday but Will and I got to stay a few extra days.  Oh, the fun we had!!  My parents live a bit out of town on 5 acres so Will had allot of room to run, play, fish etc.  Will was literally outside from sun up to sun down, he had lots of play mates with grand parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Around those parts Will is know as "the baby", Where's the baby? shhhhhh, the baby's asleep, what does the baby want to eat? etc etc.... I thought it was cute and Will had no idea they were talking about him.  There were allot of firsts... first time to ride on a lawnmower, first time to ride on a tractor, first time in a boat,first time to fish, firs time touching a fish, lizard and frog, first time to trick or treat, first time to kick a foot ball.  Will didn't sleep so well in my mom's pack and play (especially at nap time) so in order to put him to sleep we rode him around on the lawn mower, before he was 1/2 way around the yard he'd be out every time.  Halloween was a blast, we went over to my sisters to celebrate with her kids and take part in there neighborhood festivities which included a hay ride from house to house for trick or treating.  My sister had a back up trailer to pull incase there were to many kids for the other 4 they already had.  It ended up Laura had to use the trailer but didn't have any hay to put on it so technically we didn't go on a hay ride, it was more like.........well, a trailer ride, but fun just the same.  below are quite a few pictures of the time in Texas.  Oh, notice the BIG FISH TJ caught, we were so proud!
                                    Our sweet puppy
                                    Trick or treat!!
                                    Family fun
                                     Will's cousin Kobe 

                                    Grandpa and Will
                                    Grammy and Will taking a ride
                                     TJ's big catch
                                    Grandma O' and Will playing with bobbers 
                                     Who knew bobbers could be so fun?
                                     first time touching a fish, not his favorite thing