Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tool Bench, sidewalk chalk and nose picking

We have a couple new additions to our home, a work bench and sidewalk chalk.   TJ and I wanted to get Will a work bench for Christmas.  Every time he enters a little girls house with one of those kitchen sets he goes crazy so.............. we thought we would get him the "boy" equivalent.  A friend called the other day saying she saw the work bench at Target on sale so I ran up and grabbed one, and several other things (dang it!).  Who can just buy one thing at Target?  Amongst the other things grabbed was a wagon full of sidewalk chalk.  To an unsuspecting mama this seemed like a good deal since Will played  with some (or should I say ate some) the other day at the park.  I figured if anything else this would make for a couple of cheep meals.  Once I got the bucket O' chalk home, I realized this chalk would be around for a long long time.  If any friends in the area need some side walk chalk head my way, we will gladly share.  Back to the work bench, if you know me you know I had no intention on waiting till Christmas to put that sucker together and give it to Will.  Once home I quickly assembled the bench (in record time I might add), once Will awoke from a long nap he got his Christmas present 5 months early.  oops!  He won't know the difference right?
Last but not least we captured Will's first nose pick!!!  Thought we'd share.  The picture is a little fuzzy, no time to focus for moments like that.  What a cute little boy!!!  That is only one "boyish" thing he has started to do lately.  Those of you who have little boys (or brothers) know what I'm talking about.  It's just a stage right???  We hope!

                                                                   I lost count.

                                                               Who need hands??
                                                              First of many I'm sure.