Tuesday, October 14, 2008

17 weeks and counting

Well, the time has come.  My belly has just started to pop out and we are so excited!!!  We love the belly bump around our house.  I'm glad I have a husband that loves me pregnant.  The sad thing is, I think he thinks I'm the cutest when I'm pregnant, that could make for allot of kiddos!  I've had several requests for a post of the bump so before we left to workout this morning I took a couple of pictures.  Drum roll please.................

                       Will watching his crazy mama take pictures of her belly.


Hair cut'n time

So, Will had his first haircut!!!!  But, these are pictures of his second.  I forgot to take pictures of his first so I hope #2 will do.  It looks the same as the fist trust me. 

His new "I don't like that" face


Happy Birthday Baby

On September 30th my dear husband turned 31, can you believe it?  I know you can't by looking at him.  We had an early birthday party for him on Sunday since he had to work on the actual day of his birthday.  We invited over 7 couples and there kids.  We just hung out and ate lots and lots.  On TJ's actual birthday I sent him to a Korean spa for a little relaxation.  If you don't know what a Korean spa is well.........let's just say they have body scrubs and crazy massages that are done in the nude!!!  This seemed a little strange to me but thought it was right up TJ's ally as he had been to a similar spa in Turkey.  He said it was a little creepy at times but all and all the message was good.   Oh, the women go to a whole different spa so............not to worry.


Let's swim

Will had his first swimming lesson a couple weeks back.  We are attending with two of our friends and there little girls.  TJ was home for a 1/2 day so he went in the pool with Will.  I was thankful not to have to get this ever growing belly into a bathing suit.  During Will's second lesson he went totally under water twice, not by choice mind you, but he lived through it without any tears. 

TJ was a lone dad hanging with the girls