Tuesday, February 17, 2009

playing catchup

Ok, so I have a little confession, I've been reading the Twilight Series in all my free time so that's why I haven't blogged in a while.  Well between reading, napping with Will and going to bed at 8:30 or 9:00.  Things are good at our house, TJ's been busy with work (still waiting to see when and where we are going to relocate ) and Young Mens (he's the YM president at church).  There are about 15 boys between the age of 12 and 18 that keep him pretty busy.  Will has been changing everyday, not so much in looks but in his personality and words.  He is supper funny, has a huge love for life and is starting to mimic every word we say.  He is in nursery at church now and loves all the new songs.  We've gone to a couple of museums lately, the museum of Science and Industry was not his favorite but he seemed to like the aquarium, since one of his favorite words to say is "Fish" it was nice for him to finally get to see some in action.  I'm just over 35 weeks now!!!  We are so excited to meet our second baby, TJ still thinks the baby is a girl and I am not sure.  I used to think the baby was a boy but...........who knows.  A couple of my dear friends are throwing a shower for Dicy and I this Saturday.  Dicy is one of my close friends jut three weeks behind me.  I'm excited to have some girl time and just hang out.  It's not going to be a traditional shower in that we are going to a restaurant (in China town) kind of a girls night out.  Valentines was great!!  Dicy came over to watch Will so TJ and I could go to lunch in peace, we had Korean Bar-B-Q, one of our favorite foods (other than sushi), then we came home to spend the day with Will.  TJ had a sweet scavenger hunt for me and the flowers were beautiful.  Will made me my first drawing and helped daddy decorate.  There are plenty of pictures to document the occasions................. 

                                    Will in his tumbling class
                                     Will likes to travel in his PJ's
                                     Playing hide and go seek                                
                                     Everybody loves Daddy!!
                                     Where's Will??
                                 35 Weeks and Counting!!!
                                         Flowers from my boys
                                        Picture for momma 
                                    Life is Good!!