Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's been a while

Ok, so it's been a while since I've gotten around to posting a blog or two.  There is no real news to report except that we are so so so so so excited to leave this Thursday the 18th for our Christmas trip.  We hit both families each year, instead of splitting Thanksgiving and Christmas between the two, we celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and see both families for Christmas.  We head to Utah first this year, stay there till the day after Christmas then meet my family in Colorado for a ski trip.   We are getting one big cabin for all four families!!  Steve, my younger brother will not be able to make it with his family, he has to work.  We will miss him.  I know Will is going to have so much fun playing with family and getting out of the condo.  It's been really cold here so we've been stuck inside for the most part.  Last Sunday we found Will sitting in a shoe box with his "man" and dog.  Look real close and you'll see what he thinks of the pamphlet "For the strength of the youth".  Oh dear!   When we were at my parents a few weeks back mom had will helping her with the dishes, it wasn't long before he was in the sink up close and personal with each dish!   I've also posted a pic of the growing belly.

                                    Helping Grammy wash dishes

                                                 27 weeks