Sunday, May 24, 2009

One last night

Tonight is our last night in Chicago.  Chicago will always have a special place in my hear, all the memories we have together as a couple and family are here.  We had a great last week, I had a girls night with my closest friends.  We spent time with the Kasmers on Saturday having Italian ice, taking kids to the park and playing Bachi Ball (that we won without a fight I might add).  We spoke at church on sunday and of course I cried the whole time while TJ gave the best talk ever!!!  How can guys hold there composure so well?  Must be nice.  Tonight the Burtons had us over for home maid Italian pizza and chocolate cake.  It was the perfect last Chicago dinner.  Our emotions are mixed when it comes to saying goodbye to our Ward and friends but we are ready to move on for our next adventure.  There is something to be said about moving to a new place and just having each other to hold onto.  TJ and I are the same in that we love the experience of starting in a new place, meeting new people, making new friends to add to our old ones and exploring a new part of the country.  We love you all and will miss the friends we have here.  Will is going to be sad about one thing, leaving Eleanor, his first Best Friend.  Thank you for the memories..............God with you till we meet again.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bath time/sleepy time

I caught some cute pictures of Will in his bath while Finn slept like an angel.


can sharing get out of hand??

Just before bed time tonight a lot of sharing went down in matching jammies (how cute).

                                   Will decided he wanted to share his toys                                  
                                     even more toys
                                   Will this one fit?
                                   Maybe not
                                    Satisfied with his work
                                    Finn doesn't know what to think
                                                 You ok??
Funny boys,


Play date

Yesterday we had quite the play day, we met up with Dicy, Trey and Eleanor (clearly Will's best friend) at this cute little park by hour houses.  We found a nice tree to put Trey under, I wore Finn (we are still lacking a double stroller) and the two of us chased our toddlers around the park.  It was bitter sweet,this will be one of the last times Will and Eleanor play together in Chicago.  He will miss his "Elno" tons!!

                                   Will at play
                                   His classic "where is it?" look
                                   heart warming, don't you think?

Thanks for the great day Burtons,


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grand parents and Baby Blessing

A couple weeks back Tom and Sandra came to visit Will, meet a new baby Finn and participate in Finn's blessing.  We had a great time, Will kept grandma and grandpa busy with the zoo, aquarium and nature museum.  Not to mention countless walks and the park.  We loved having them here and are always sad when they have to leave.  Thanks again for all your help with the kiddies and doggies.  We love yall!
                                      Fun with Grandma and Grandpa 
                                    At the blessing
                                  Will's best friend
                                          Blessing day


Friday, May 15, 2009

Time to smile

No time to write but to say............big time smiles and lots of giggles!!

We love our boys,