Friday, September 10, 2010

Pictures and more Pictures

If anyone out there is left who checks our blog, I apologize for my lack of posting. In order to get myself caught up this is going to be a mass picture posting, in no particular order, as well as a list of the latest and greatest in the Dunham household.

moved to a new home
started a business
TJ built a sandbox
TJ got poison Ivy (really really bad)
Will turned 3!
TJ started a new job
Family came to visit (big thank you to my mom who helped us move in, Couldn't have done it without her! and has come out several more times to help us get settled. Thank you dad for lending us your wife :)
Dicy and Morgan plus three and 1/2 kids came to visit (yall are the best!)
trip to Utah
trip to texas (where there was lots of egg finding)
Steve (little brother) got married to an amazing women!
Overalls (you'll see)
Five Fingers

Five fingers, my new loves!

Caught in the icing
Seeing his bride walk down
My sweet parents
Oh yah!!!!

Told you you'd see :)

Who's that old short man?
Steve's new family
Helping grammy hang clothes (yes people use clothes lines in the south)

Dad found an egg
Will found an egg

Finn found an egg
Another one??




Paulina Kasmer said...

way too many thoughts for a comment on the blog! ill call.

i love the updates!

lets see photos of the house!

Paulina Kasmer said...

i was inspired and finally got kicked into gear - i updated. a lot!

Jana said...

Can you tell me your diet/ exercise plan... I want to look like you! As long as I don't have to drink "seafood" shakes. :)

amber and alma said...

You have certainly been very busy!! Looks like fun, oh except for the poison ivy.

nicole said...

I still diligently check your blog and I love the picture of your little old man :) so cute

Wilson Family said...

Will and Finn look SO grown up! So adorable. And it sounds like you've been busy and having lots of fun. Can't wait to see more pictures soon!

Teresa said...

Thanks so much for the update! I can't believe how much your boys have grown. They are beautiful! The overalls rock.

Amy and Jeremy said...

LOVE all the new pics!! and LOVE YOU!!!

Amy and the boys said...

WoW! So many cute shots. The bathtub shot and the naked baby cowboy hat shot. Very cute! You look smokin hot in that shot with your hubby. I need to keep workin out. ;)