Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Will, Finn and I had the opportunity to attend a musical petting zoo put on by the staff of the Country Music Hall of fame. We traveled out to a little library on the out skirts of Nashville where the event was to be held. We arrived a little early so Will looked through a book or two before the event began. He gravitated to the guitar and even held it and strummed it with no direction on how to do so. He was by far the youngest one there but was the most into the music. For those of you who know Will he loves his music! Maybe we moved to the right place for this kid, watch out music row!!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Red White and You

Today Will, Finn and I went to a Red White and You birthday party! We were celebrating America's birthday ( a little early). Will was by far the youngest kid there and the only one dressed in green (oops) but hung in there like a champ. He was the first one out at Hot Potato though. The kids had birthday cake, got there first tattoos, played games and danced to music. After Will got out at hot potato he opted to play on the slides instead. what a lucky kid, cake twice in one week! Oh dear......

Standing in line for his first tattoo
Getting his tattoo


Water balloons and Dino

TJ and Will enjoyed the Tennessee heat while playing with Water Balloons. Dino (our new standard poodle pup) was right in the mix.


We love our............

BOB!!!!! I can't say enough about this double jogger and the boys love it to!! It has a car seat adaptor (compatible with most car seats) for babies who are not stable enough to ride through a jog sitting up. Although, just strolling around Finn does fine at 12 weeks laying in there on his own. If you are a walker/jogger who wants a sturdy (it actually has shocks which makes for a sooth ride for the boys) stroller consider this one. The only thing is it's kind of big, you need space to store it and a big car to get it around. I'd consider this more of a suburban stroller as appose to a city stroller. Anyway............. Here she is!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here's to you Daddy

What a fun Weekend we had!! First let me start by wishing all you dad's out that a happy Fathers Day! So, my sweet husband is training for another Marathon to be held in St. George this October. He's squeezing in training whenever he can between traveling (allot), playing with the kids, playing with the dogs and hanging out with me. Saturday morning TJ got up early to head out for a run, once he returned I headed to the gym for my first spin class since having Finn. It felt really good to get back in a "workout" routine. I came home from the gym scooped up Will and headed to Whole Foods where we decorated our very own cookie cake for Daddy. Will had one taste of the icing and went banana's, this was just a foreshadowing of what would happen about an hour later. Will barley ever gets to have sweets so when he does boy is he excited. He couldn't wait to give daddy his Fathers day gift he'd maid with his own two little hands. We arrived home and before I could even get situated with the camera Will was off and running to give TJ his cookie cake. In a matter of about 7 min (no joke) the cake was 3/4 of the was devoured by one little boy and one happy daddy. Later that afternoon we headed to Belle Meade Plantation, a historic plantation just down the road from our house. For those of you who want to take a look here is the link http://www.bellemeadeplantation.com/ . Will and Finn behaved beautifully while TJ and I took in the history. We've only just begun our exploration of Nashville and the surrounding areas. There are tons of Plantations and Civil War Battle ground sites to tour, we are so looking forward to our time here. Will fell asleep in a matter of two minutes once we left the plantation right in the middle of chewing a granola bar. Guess the 95 degree weather pays a toll on a little fella. We arrived home to a cool home and settled in for the night.

This morning (Fathers day) TJ got to sleep in till 11:00, had Mate and breakfast in bed then headed to church. We have only attended this new ward a few times and for some strange reason I thought Sacrament started at 12:00. We were running a little late this morning so arrived to church at 12:05, we could here that the meeting had started (so we thought). On my prompting we rushed in to a full house, not a seat available except up toward the front. Once we settled in TJ asked if I recognized anyone, about that time the hymn started, the hymn I thought was the opening but soon found out was the closing!!! We rushed in to the last 5 min of the 11:00 sacrament, ours didn't start till 1:00. I wonder what the congregation was thinking seeing a family of four come to church just to catch the closing hymn and prayer. And the circus lives on...........

PS: We love you so much Daddy!! You make all our dreams come true!!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We are here in Nashville and having a blast. We are in a rental home for another month and 1/2 why we continue to try and sell our Condo in Chicago (wish us luck, cross all your finger and as Will would say "Piggies"). We have been busy to say the least. Will, Finn, Polly, Dino and I have traveled with daddy on a few work trips. We headed down to Memphis where we had the best Bar- B-Q on the planet and being from Texas I've had allot of Bar-B-Q. Then we headed to eastTennessee right around the Smokey mountains, some of the pretties country we've seen. The boys and I have had fun playing in the hotel while TJ works. Last weekend we headed to Utah to visit TJ's family, what had a blast. Every body had the chance to finally meet our little Finn, or should I say not so little Finn. He is now 2 1/2 months and weighs in at a hefty 14 pounds, just to compare will (who turned 2 today) weighs 22 lbs. The boys couldn't be more different, it's so much fun getting to know them a little better each day. Will had his birthday party in Utah at TJ's parent's house, there were lots of cousins to help celebrate the big occasion. It's hard to believe Will has been in the world for 2 years, one thing is for sure he's left his foot prints and continues to each day. He is the happiest kid, saying hi to everyone he meets and flashing that heart warming smile. He's changed our lives in a million ways, not sure what we did to deserve that little fella.

Finn is smiling all the time and making those cute little baby sounds that melt the heart. We are loving him more each day and can't believe we are parents of TWO!!! We always say we still can't believe we are married then we look around and see two little boys in our home, time flies when your having fun...... sometimes I wish it would slow down just a bit. Life is good here in Tennessee!!!

What Finn thought about Will's party
Blowing out all two candles on his train cake from Grandma
Lots of goodies!! Thanks all
The train was a hot item
Winding down with a movie
Sweet baby Finn
Can you believe how big he's getting?
A true embrace
Grandma, Grandpa and kiddies

First time to pet a cat (yuck)