Thursday, July 31, 2008

beach and sleep

We have been having just the best time this summer.  Will is old enough now to enjoy the outdoors, everything so brand new and exciting for him.  My favorite part of the summer is sitting back and watching Will explore the world.  We took a trip to the beach with some friends, Will is fearless when it comes to water.  He wanted to go as far as he could, I let him go up to his waist (with me holding his hand).  The water in lake Michigan is still a little chilly, venturing in a little further will have to wait for warmer waters.  Once Will gets his sunscreen and swimming trunks on I let him run around the house for a while so the sunscreen can soak in.  Will was in his room playing but I didn't hear a sound, I've come to know this is usually a bad sign.  It means he's doing something he knows he's not supposed to (like dripping the content of his bottle in a nice little pattern on the carpet then smearing it around), so I headed in to asses the damages.  Much to my surprise he was perched on his book basket having quiet time.  It turns out this basket is just the right size for a little seat (picture to follow).  That night Will fell asleep for the first time in his play toy watching his sleepy time movie.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seattle, tumbling and Vancouver

We took a last minute family vacation to Seattle/Vancouver.  We left Thursday evening for Seattle.  By the time we landed there was only time to grab a burger from Dick's Drive- in ( a local hamburger chain in Seattle) if you go up that way it's worth the stop, then went to our hotel for a few hours of sleep.  Friday we headed out to the Public market, Pike's Place Market, on the water front.  They sold fresh fruits and veggies, fish, flowers etc.  It was fun to brows and people watch.  After eating lunch (fish and chips of course) we took Will on a ferry ride.  He really enjoyed it, but we had to seek shelter 1/2 way through.  The high temp was 65 our little one was turning blue.  I'd always heard how much it rained in Seattle, while we were there not a drop.  Will got his first real ouchy in Seattle.  While speeding down the sidewalk (he has to walk as fast as he can, no matter where he is going) he took a tumble, picture to follow. 

                                                   poor little one, ouchy

The last leg of our trip took us to Vancouver, what a fun city!  We drove up there on Friday after seeing the sights in Seattle.  It's only about a 2 hour drive but silly us, we didn't factor in customs on a Friday evening, that added another hour and 1/2.  Those of you who have small children will be able to only imagin what was going on inside or car as we sat in line, but once we arrived it was totally worth it.  We mostly ate lots of asian food, who would have thought?  My favorite was the jap-a-dog, one of those carts down town that sold an asian twist to an american dog.  Let's just say it was topped with nori instead of relish....Yummy.  Saturday morning we hit the lululemon outlet (my new found addiction), picked up a couple of things then headed to the second largest Urban park in North America.  On arrival much to our amazement there was much much more than just 1,000 acres of wilderness.  We took Will to a petting zoo which I'm totally against, any kind of zoo for that matter, but TJ assured me that the animals like it there, they live the good life......never having to hunt for food and getting there backs and bellies scratched.  Before I knew it I bought in and believed for a split second that we were doing a good thing.  Will had a great time but seemed to like the tractor more than the animals.  Truth be told TJ had the most fun and now wants a couple of goats, he's added them to the list of animals he wants once we move from the city.  After the petting zoo we headed to a little water play park, you know the kind that has water shooting up from the ground, a little stream running through the middle, water guns to shoot and rain fall to run under.  We found a parking place for out stroller, stripped Will down to his onesie, rolled up our pants and headed in....... and right back out!  You'd never know by the way little kids were darting around, in out out of the water having the best time of there lives that the water was ice cold.  We put Will's feet in it for one second and screams followed for all to hear.  TJ calmed him enough to touch the shooting water and run through a couple of times.  Will was more than ready to go after the water adventure and fell asleep right as his head hit the car seat.  Sunday we left to drive back to Seattle to catch our 4 hour flight home (after 3 hours in the car), our prayers were answered and Will did great on the flight home, what a trooper!  We couldn't have asked for a better trip.

                                                  First time on Canadian soil

                                                         view from the park

It was so nice being able to spend time together with no distractions.  I know Will really enjoyed having his daddy for 4 whole days, and so did momma.  


Monday, July 7, 2008

Swimming and Walls

Will went swimming for his first time (well first time he can remember) Saturday after the picnic.  Thanks to the Burtons for letting us use there pool, it was perfect that they have a one foot pool for the little folk.  Will, TJ and I splashed around and had such a good time.  Will is wearing his new swim trunks complete with a rash guard.  Not sure why babies wear these little swim shirts but he seamed to like it.

After swimming we promptly headed home to get Will bathed and fed before he hit his wall.  Ya'll may have heard of the term "hitting the wall" we use this to describe what happens to our Will on a daily basis, he takes after his dad in this respect.........he's a happy fun loving kid, it's all or nothing with him and there is not much warning.  The "wall hitting" is usually preceded by a spurt of supper silliness.....out of control laughter about nothing, running around aimlessly, or attacking momma and daddy with kisses.  Then out of know where, it happens.  A happy baby Will turns into a very unhappy boy, ready for bed and he means now.  We are getting better at reading the signs.  We are now quick to get him fed, change his diaper and into Jammie's when the signs present themselves so that when he starts to go down hill he is ready to get in his crib, and BAM he falls right to sleep if we play it smart.  Bellow is him eating dinner, going through his silly stage and hitting his wall (oh yes, sometimes hair pulling is involved, his own hair that is).   Le me clarify, when I say he takes after his dad in this respect, TJ does not pull his own hair, run around laughing at him self etc.......but he does get tired all at once and needs to hit the hay. 

                                                                      Silly time
                                                      come give me a kiss momma
                                                                  Wall has been hit


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picnic and Kegs

We had our ward picnic today and it was so nice getting the chance to sit and talk with friends.  TJ and I are a little concerned though, Will may soon be known as Will "The Tank" Dunham.  Upon arrival Will gravitated to the keg of homemade root beer and didn't leave its side for 1/2 the picnic.  He would reach out to touch it, then back away when people come to fill there cups. All the while studying intently how it was they got the brown beverage to come out.

                                         Thinking about it
                                         Should I do it?
                                         Nows my chance


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We hope everyone is having such a nice day and getting to enjoy family and friends on this special occasion.  We are so blessed to live in this glorious country and the freedoms it affords.  We sang the national anthem last Sunday at church, it brought a tear to my eye and a feeling of gratitude and pride to my heart.  We are so thankful for our many blessings and to live in this land.  TJ and I had big plans for the day, it was to be all about Will.  We discovered this great little park by our house that's full of wooden trains and play houses for kids to explore.  The park was first on our list and taking him swimming at the Burton's pool was second on out list.  We had a great time at the park (pictures to follow) but the swimming will have to wait for tomorrow, our little fella fell fast asleep at 5:00 on the dot (he missed his afternoon nap).  Tomorrow we have a ward picnic starting at 11:30, TJ has to get his run in, then we are off to the swimming pool.  Oh yes, notice Will's "new" baseball hat, he feels like a big boy wearing it.  He tried it on in the store and trotted around wildly with a big smile on his face refusing to take it off.

                                                       TJ and Will giving Polly a ride
                                                  Pausing to touch his shadow