Saturday, June 28, 2008

A day together

Today was just beautiful all around.  The weather was so nice, lots of sun and a nice breeze,much needed time together with TJ and Will and a good visit with family.  We started the day with a happy baby Will, walked up to the museum to meet TJ's grandma, two uncles and aunt who are in town visiting one of there daughters/granddaughters.  We had lunch and came back to our place for some visiting.  Since TJ, Will and I had the opportunity to walk around Chicago we thought we may as well show Will some of the sights, we may not live here forever you know.  We blended in well with the rest of the tourists, snapping pictures, pointing and smiling all the while.  What a great city in the summer!  TJ finished off the day with a 13 mile run (part of his training), Will fell asleep at 6:oo sharp and I had a nice visit with a friend.  

                                                      Will with Grandma Great

                                                              The Field Museum
                                                     My two boys, aren't they cute??



Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby at Play

Just a few pictures of our baby boy WALKING and hanging out with momma.  He has gotten pretty good in the week and 1/2 he's been walking.  He can almost get up on his own without having to pull up on something, it's all very exciting but tugs at the hear strings a little as well.  We always say how special Will is, the world has great things ahead of her with Will in it, but it's starting to hit me, will is like every other baby in that he has to grow up.  I know I'll enjoy all that is to come but every now and then I can't help but wanting him to stay just like he is today........... for a bit longer.  

The joy a baby brings,

A Day in the life

So we we watched one of our dear friends child (Ruby) on Thursday.  I documented some of the day for all to see.  After Ruby arrived the kids played together for a bit then Will got his morning nap why Ruby and I watched Curious George upstairs.  Once Will woke up both kids were scooped up to head to the park. 

                                     Needless to say Will was not having the best time.
                                         we tried a new spot on the play ground
                                                                     and another
He finally calmed down enough to enjoy the swings for a bit before heading inside for nap #2

               Ruby on the other hand was having a glorious time just hanging out.

After nap#2 for Will and nap #1 for Ruby we walked up to target where both Ruby and Will got new church shoes!  The double stroller made for a fun trip.

By the end of the day momma was tired and the house was a mess but there was still love in the air.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today TJ, Will and I went to watch England play Scotland in Rugby.  There was an international tournament being held in Chicago, we had tickets to see all three games but our little Will only made it through one......and that was pushing it.  Needless to say TJ was in heaven, right in his element, I had a good time as well.  I was happy TJ was not playing for two reasons 1) he was sitting right there beside me, it was nice hanging out and if I had a question about that crazy game he could answer it 2) there was no way he could walk away with another concussion, black eye or cracked rib, and for that I am sooooooooooooo happy (though I do like watching him play).  Will's favorite part of the whole experience was the Corona guy, he just kept staring at him walking up and down, up and down, yelling "CORONA......GET YOUR CORONA HERE".  The Corona guy was oblivious to the sweet baby Will watching his every move, he missed out. 


Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Ride

Summer has finally arrived here in Chicago which is cause to celebrate!  We ordered a bike trailer to pull Will around on the Lake front.  We got it put together on Monday just in time for Will's birthday, then took a family ride (when Will promptly fell asleep, his head was flopping out of control so we turned around and came home) which was quite enjoyable, at least for TJ and I.  This trailer has proven to be a great purchase and we've not even had it a week.  Will and I take a ride most days and even rode up to the beach to play.  We tried to put Polly in with Will, not a good idea, there was lots of pulling of the hair and kicking of the dog.  Polly may have to sit this one out for a bit.  Notice the beach cruiser, TJ and I both have vintage bikes we race around town in.



movin and shakin

The day has finally come, Will is walking!!!!  He started walking Monday the 16th, on his birthday, can you believe it???  He still crawls from time to time.  He can't stand up without pulling up on something first but once he is up he's that way for a while.  Action photo follows....


Slight addiction

Ok, so our son may have a slight addiction.  Let me first set the scene then you decide.  Now that Will is one year and getting all his nutrients from "big food" I was a little worried that he may not be getting all the things his body needed by way of nutrition.  I did some research and found the answer...........Green smoothie (which we call green drink).  Will now gets a heeping bottle full of green leafy veggies and fruit each day (ex: Kale, spinach, collard greens, kiwi, apple and banana, that was todays mixture) this gives him all of his fruit, veggies and fiber needed in a day.  Each morning I get out the Vita Mix pack it full and turn her on..........this is where the fun begins.  No matter where in the house Will is, he comes a runnin (or crawling) hangs onto my leg and cries hysterically till I get the green drink in his bottle and into his mouth.  Please see pictures below of a happy baby Will drinking his drink........then a really happy baby Will after his drink is done.  Notice the eyes! Yikes!!!!!