Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're Alive

We took a trip to Hawaii, thanks to my wonderful husband getting REP OF THE YEAR! TJ and I haven't been on a trip without the kids since we had Will (almost 3 years) so needless to say we were beyond thrilled to have 7 days to play and relax with just each other. We began our adventure by flying to Utah to drop off the kids with TJ's parents, they were so kind to keep the boys (Finn was getting in two teeth, poor grandma). I was a little concerned about how I would do leaving the boys, I'd never been a night away from Finn and only one night away from Will, while I was having Finn. We went to the island of Oahu, home of the capital Honolulu and the famous Waikiki beach. My sweet husband, in true TJ fashion, had our week planned, my only request was to have 1 day to lay on the beach, read and truly relax (which only lasted about 2 hours, then we were off and running). A quick list of the thing we saw, ate and accomplished. Went paddle boarding, where TJ fell off the board on the reef and cut up his feet on the first day there, just for the record I never fell off. Those of you who know the Tennessee Dunham's know we LOVE Asian food and boy did we indulge...... Pho, Dim Sum, Korean Food, Thy and Sushi. We went to Punch Bowl Cimitary, went on 4 hikes (one to get away from the tsunami that never came but scared the you know what our of me) , watched a move (at a real theater, something we haven't done in way to long, we snuck in treats and all), visited Haliwa on the north shore where we ate fish and chips and shaved ice, Watched the surfers, saw the Mormon temple, went to the Bonzi pipeline, visited sharks cove, saw BYU Hawaii, Hiked to two waterfalls and did two ridge hikes (not for the faint of heart), watched the body boarders at Sandy beach (the beach with the most back and neck breaks in the world), went snorkling in Hanauama Bay (one of my favorite experiences), took a catamaran out sailing, whale watching and snorkling (where we swam with BIG sea turtles). We had the time of our lives and were so excited to see the boys again.

I've included some updated pics of the boys. Will 2 1/2 and Finn 11 months.

View from our room
Punch Bowl

View of the city from Punch Bowl

Beautiful Temple

Where we went paddle boarding
Yes, we hiked it!
Notice the rope
The top
Finn is walking at 10 1/2 months

Action photo